You are The Creative!

Yes! You’re surely not the one who thinks he/she has no demo scene skills at all. Even if you never coded a line, drew a pixel or wrote a note in a tracker, why not to start? You can do whatever you want, or just follow the party theme, if you’ve no idea. We’re looking forward for your cool, uncool, funny and even sad compo entries!


The Demoshow at Forever 2016

Do you like demos? We know you do, because that’s the point you’re all coming to the FOReVER party! At FOReVER 2016, you can look forward to the whole new concept of the demo show. Preparations just have started a few days ago…kompy

We’d like to invite all of you for the demo show of the newest demos from the last year or two on the most 8-bit scenes, running on the real machines of course. This time the show will be presented and live commented by Factor6. We’ll have the most significant demos from the last year for each platform including Other 8-bits like Amstrad CPC, SAM Coupé, Commodore Plus/4, Sharp MZ and as usually The Magnificent Three – the ZX Spectrum, the Atari and the C64.

We’re starting on Friday, 8:30 pm!

The New Website is Up!

After months of preparing, the whole new FOReVER PARTY website is up! However, we’ll still add news to keep you informed about the party. Stay with us!


Food & Drinks

Nobody likes going over a kilometer to the small local pizzeria! Even not everyone likes driving to eat to Trenčín each day. We know about the discomfort of these situations so we’ve decided to establish a catering area right at the party just for you for all three days! You can buy there drinks like beer, coffee, tea, lemonades as well as light food like baguettes or biscuits. Each day there will be served hot meals! All will be paid cash to the catering staff so be sure you have enough Euros. Everything at near-cost prices.

The menu as it has been chosen by you in the poll can be found here. We reserve any menu changes.

Theme for Forever 2016 Announced

Thanks to all visitors and compo participants for another great FOReVER party. To give you a chance to compete for the Eternity Award next year and start your creative engines soon enough, we announce the theme of FOReVER 2016 a full year in advance. The theme for next year is DEFENDER OF THE 8 BITS. Meanwhile, enjoy the poster made by Factor6.

Defender of the 8 Bits Poster