Sam’s Journey, MAH, and Galencia at FOReVER

As our C=64 organizer JTR is a part of Protovision, he offers to bring Sam’s Journey (the C=64 game of the century so far), Galencia (a Galaga clone), and MAH (an easier to experience than describe action game) to Forever for those who want to save on shipping&handling costs. As he won’t be coming by car, he can’t simply take x copies of the games “just in case” with him, so if you’re interested in buying one (or more) of the games at the party, please leave a sentence about it on the message board.

Forever 2018 – 8-Bit Atlantis

Since Forever 2006 till 2016, every Forever had a theme, chosen by us organizers. Last year we made an experiment: we said to the Forever visitors to write their own ideas for the topic for Forever 2017 on the backside of their votesheets. We received five suggestions from three people, and one of them we really liked. That’s why Forever 2017 was Mad Max: The 8-Bit Road.

Fast forward to 2017. Again we say, “If you have an idea for the theme for next year, please put it on the backside of your votesheet.” We received a total of 17 ideas from 15 different people. WOW!!! About 20% of the visitors took part and came up with something! If we ever needed a confirmation that the themes have their sense, now we got it.

After shortlisting seven of the suggestions according to three basic criteria (wide and interesting enough to inspire people to use the theme in the compos; existing 8-bit game content that can be used in quizzes and competitons; can be visualized well – a crazy costume for Wotnau, an idea for the poster, etc.), we had an internal voting sessions, and it is our pleasure to announce that the next Forever will be
Forever 2018 - 8-Bit Atlantis8-Bit Atlantis was suggested by PulkoMandy. Thank you, mate! We’re equally thankful to all the other creative people who came up with their suggestions.

The suggestions and their respective authors (the first 6 being the rest of our shortlist) were:
Alien(s)/Rescue in Horna Suca – from Pepax
Jet Set F*cking Willy – Ikon
Lost (8-bit) World/8-Bit Park – the votesheet wasn’t signed
Japan/Korea – Factor6
Robocop/Double Dragon – Sad
Journey to the Centre of the 8 Bits – another unsigned votesheet
Industrial Revolution – LiSU
Jack Lives Here (Tramiel) – Visáč
Bad Jokes – Bocianu
Disco Time 8bit – Bocianu
Go Binary! – Bocianu
Mad Max with Max – JTR
Wrong Side of Heaven, Righteous Side of Hell – Zoom
Rainbow Forever – CreaMD
Killer in the Dark – LCD
Pixelized – Zilogator

The official poster, new design of this web, and all the other paraphernalia will follow in due time. See you in 8-bit Atlantis!

Photos from Forever 2017

In case you’re looking not for just the results and downloads of the compo entries but also want either to remember or get to know the atmosphere of this year’s Forever, several people have been so kind as to let us know where to find their party photos online.

You can find Krupkaj’s photos here, PedroS’s photos here, and Tornado’s photos here. If you want to add yours to the list, leave us a message on the message board, and we’ll add the link into this article.

A big thank you to all the photographers who have decided to share their pictures so far!

Resolving Conflicts the 8-Bit Way

A while ago, someone hacked Forever’s visitor list. It was meant as a joke, but we didn’t really appreciate it. Neither Factor6 nor I are skilled webmasters, so we just use whatever ready-made tools are available to us and try to focus on delivering the information to the party’s visitors. So getting hacked didn’t make us laugh but threw us off balance instead.

Factor6 fixed the visitors list, I wrote a an angry post about it, and we went on about our business.

The first surprise came when the four re-registered. They each put a “/Polish Hacker Atari Team” behind their nickname, more or less signalling, “That was us, no offense, OK?”

However, the real thing happened at the party itself. Soon after the event began, the guys approached Factor6 and me and presented us with a “Polish Hacker Atari Team” T-shirt (using the same picture I used in my post about the hack) and a “pixelated flower” made of Duplo. They glued the bricks together and told us the flower was totally unhackable.

The Flower

And this is it. THE flower.

Seeing this offer of peace, Factor6 had a long lasting fit of laughter. Mine didn’t last as long, but I wasn’t any less happy that sometimes conflicts are just misunderstandings and can be resolved in such a lovely 8-bit way.

Factor6 then wore the T-shirt, and we put the flower on the table with the beamer and all the compo HW where it spent the rest of the party. (And I just wonder whether the flower was a kind of nod to my post’s title, “Make Demos, Not War”, which found its inspiration in the flower child era.)

So, to repeat once again what we already said at the party: Koala, Bocianu, kris3d, and MarekP, thank you for that nice and funny gesture and see you next year!

Put Your Postapocalyptic Hats On!

Put Your Postapocalyptic Hats On!One last week to go! Forever 2017 or “Mad Max – The 8-Bit Road” is just round the corner of the 8-bit road. (Not so) Serious lectures, (hopefully) funny quizzes, all the traditional Forever compos, and above all, all the friends you haven’t seen for a while will be there next weekend, 17-19 March 2017.

You have one week to finish your compo entries. The theme is our excuse to focus on car games for the first time in Forever’s history, plus some of the real postapo stuff. So if you’re fancying winning the Eternity prize for the best entry in the spirit of the party’s theme, think postapocalyptic or cars. Ideally, postapocalyptic cars, har har, erm, I mean rrroarrr rrroarrr. When you’re done, head to the Compos and Rules section to submit your entry to the section organizers or – even better – bring it with you to the party.

If the title of the Walking Encyclopedia of 8-Bit Gaming is covered by your crosshair, do your homework in the typical postapocalyptic genres, like shooters, racing games, and RPGs. You never know about Max (the guy’s totally mad), but Uncle Entity will sure appreciate that.

See you at the party!

Make Demos, Not War!


Our visitor list got hacked. Surprisingly, because this website should be too low-profile to attract hackers. An even bigger surprise was that we were hacked by (an) 8-bit scener(s).

What we’re trying to do here is organize as good a computer party for you as possible.  This website is not the goal, it just facilitates contacts among visitors and between the visitors (who, e.g., might want to know how to get to the party or join someone to share travel costs) and the organizers. We’re running it for you, not for our own pleasure.

We also believed that we were doing this party for a bunch of adults who want to enjoy their hobby, not idiots who need to wank their egos. We organize Forever in our spare time, so any time spent fixing the consequences of some jerk’s shenaningans is time spent not making Forever a better party. Please keep that in mind when you want to complain about something. Especially you Polish Atari guy(s) who made this bad joke.

We still believe that 8-bit people are nice people, so we’re not going to install new bullet-proof forms with 20 captchas and 3-step user verifications, not least because we don’t want to bother the remaining 98% of nice Forever visitors. So, as the old saying goes: make demos, not war.

Wotnau and Factor6

Wanna Present Something at Forever? Get in Touch!

Are you working on a new 8-bit game or tool? Designing a new piece of hardware? Would you like to spread the word, get feedback, or ask for advice? If there’s something creative you’d like to share at Forever with fellow 8-bit enthusiasts, we’re happy to lend you the stage for that!

Quite simply: if there’s something you’d like to present at the party, leave a message in that spirit on the message board, and we’ll contact you at the e-mail you use for registering to arrange the what and when.

P.S.: Even if you’re microphone-shy, don’t worry – the mike doesn’t bite, 8-bit people are understanding and tolerant, and if that all isn’t enough, we can still help you do the talking itself.

Forever Invitations by LiSU and Gemba Boys

It’s pretty common that party organizers advertise their events at other parties (any Forever regular who doesn’t take an Arok advert as a given yet?). However, I hadn’t seen a party invitation done by a visitor – until LiSU made one and presented it last weekend at the Demobit party.

EDIT: As soon as I shared this with the other organizers, I got this reply from Mike/Zero Team: “You don’t follow the ZX demo scene much, do you? Gemba Boys have been making an invi intro every year for ages.” Mike was so kind as to provide a link to this year’s invi, so I can share it with you.

Thank you, LiSU and Gemba Boys, we are honored!

You can watch LiSU’s Forever 2017 invitation here:

You can watch Gemba Boys’ Forever 2017 invitation here:

And you can download the Gemba Boys invitation for your ZX Spectrum 48k + AY from

Accommodation in Trenčín

As we, unfortunately, have no power whatsoever neither over the quality of the accommodation in the Agrosúča hostel nor over whether a pre-booking agreement is actually kept, this year we won’t be booking beds in the hostel on behalf of our visitors.

So for those of you for whom it’s not a part of the magic to sleep at the party place, here’s a bit of information on accommodation during the party.

These two pensions in Trenčín have websites in English, a reasonable capacity, and WiFi:
Pension ACCOM
Pension Feši (with the “š” being pronounced the same as “sh” in English)

If you’d like to have a higher standard, you can visit the hotel section of Visit Trenčín, which lists phone, e-mail, and website contacts of several hotels in the town.

Anyway, whether you’ll sleep in the party hall, at one of the facilities above, or somewhere else, we’re looking forward to meeting you at Forever 2017!