“Braaainz!” or, “Is it morning yet?”

Every self-respecting zombie goes “Braaainz!” And as the org team of the Forever party has just come back to life from our summer grave, we have all the rights to go “Braaainz!”, too.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll update the website with the bits and pieces of data that changes from year to year, remind you of the party rules, try to make sure that this year we have only one visitor registration form, and so on. For starters, we have the most important information for you:

Forever 2017 logoDate & place: 17-19 March 2017, Horná Súča.


In the meantime, you can also go “Braaainz!” and start preparing your compo entries. See you at the party!


Crazy Compos Part 3 – Who Shot the Innocent Screen?

Who shot the poor innocent screen?The third crazy compo to tell you about before this year’s party is called Who Shot the Innocent Screen (A Screenshot Quiz for 8-Bit Detectives).

What a mayhem! So many screens have been shot already, and we’re going to shoot a plethora more of them, without mercy, just for your amusement!

If you read crime novels or watch crime TV series, you know that the culprit often tries to either manipulate the evidence or make it disappear completely. Then it’s time for the investigators to find whatever residual evidence remains at the crime scene and piece together the truth.

At Forever, the investigators equals YOU.

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Important Bits of Info

We know that you all appreciate this new web and have read it header to footer, but anyway, let us remind you of some important bits of info!
Deadline for all compos is Friday, 12:00! That’s right, we want the compo entries in advance. You can find the address to mail it to on the respective page of the “Compos” section.
Want to present something at the party? We’ll be only happy to hand the stage over to you, so that you can promote your creative project. Contact the organizers directly or leave a message here, and we’ll make room for you in the timetable!
Ah, timetable! Yes, we officially have one even before the party. If you can’t believe it, just check it out! Minor changes might still happen, esp. based on your inputs, but this is pretty much what the party will go like.
Registration – Let others know that you’ll be there! You can register for the party here. The number of registered visitors helps us to dimension the catering and number of tables needed in the party hall, so if you don’t register and end up hungry or without a place to put your hardware, don’t complain!
Catering? Yes, catering! Finally we’ll have one, so if you want to buy some munch at the party, get registered, or you’re running the risk of us not having enough provisions.
See you at the party!

Crazy Compos Part 1 – Show It

Show ItThe big thing about demo parties is that the party-cipants create the most important part of the program – the compo entries. You are both the stars and the audience. We as the organizers provide just the theater for you.

It would be a shame, though, if we didn’t make any effort to entertain you, so every year we prepare a series of quizzes and more or less nonsensical competitions (throwing a diskette or Winter Games Live, anyone?) for which we have the umbrella term crazy compos.

One of those which we’ll definitely hold this year is called Show It.

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How to Deal with Forever 2016’s Theme?

Forever 2016's theme is "Defender of the 8 Bits"

Practically every year, as soon as we announce the theme for the next Forever, someone writes to us, “A very nice theme indeed, but I’ve got no idea how to build a demo/intro/graphics/music around it!” (Well, sometimes they omit the “very nice theme” part, but we’re grownups and can live with it.) So this time we come to your rescue with a few tips concerning Forever 2016‘s “Defender of the 8 Bits”.

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Forever 2016 – Compos Overview

Forever 2016 Logo

Time flies. Only 100 days till Forever 2016, so it’s time to get some buzz going!

The party site has been completely redesigned. Now you’ve got all the basic stuff like when and where one click away at the max (in the right frame and in the About section). Visitor registration has already started too (see the Visitor List), so let’s recap the compos you can take part in when you get there.

Note: If you don’t know the names of the two main prizes at Forever, or if you don’t even know there are any main prizes on top of the regular compos, reading this article is compulsory for you!

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