Are you READY? Then let’s dive to the 8-bit Atlantis! The party’s starting today at 14:00 (2:00 PM) CET. We’re looking forward to you!

We’re Starting Tomorrow !

Dear sceners and 8-bitter fans! We wish you nice trip to the party and we’re looking forward to you tomorrow (Friday, 16th March, 2018) at about 14:00 in Horná Súča (but don’t hurry, the opening ceremony is scheduled to 20:00). Remember the deadlines end on Friday, 12:00 (noon). Until then, we’re still on our emails checking your prods. Please don’t forget important things like:

  • money for food and the entrance fee
  • some little extra snacks and drinks (for breakfast etc. – remember there’s no local shop)
  • your 8-bit computers, power extension cords, all needed cables, monitors
  • sleeping bags (if you need them) and comfortable clothes (if you need them ;-)
  • your scene productions or anything you wish to present to the audience
  • good mood!

Take care of yourselves and see you at the party place!

Compiling the Timetable

If anyone of you have something to present to the FOReVER wide audience on the bigscreen or you want to have a seminar, please mention it on the Message Board as we must schedule times. State the name of your event, the time you wish to schedule it to (could be possibly changed according to number and length of seminars) to and how long will it approximately take. Thank you! :)arnoldAnd by the way, keep sending us your compo entries! ;)

Sam’s Journey, MAH, and Galencia at FOReVER

As our C=64 organizer JTR is a part of Protovision, he offers to bring Sam’s Journey (the C=64 game of the century so far), Galencia (a Galaga clone), and MAH (an easier to experience than describe action game) to Forever for those who want to save on shipping&handling costs. As he won’t be coming by car, he can’t simply take x copies of the games “just in case” with him, so if you’re interested in buying one (or more) of the games at the party, please leave a sentence about it on the message board.

Catering Confirmed

Good news for all of you, the hungry and thirsty sceners! The catering will be on during all the time at the party in the kiosk. You can buy beer, lemonade and hot meals for reasonable prices like at the last couple of Forevers.

IMPORTANT: ZX and Other 8-bit compo entry submit e-mails changed!

Please note, that we had to change the ZX and Other 8-bit compo entry submit e-mail addresses because of technical issues at the side of zeroteam’s provider. They are now:obalka

ZX Spectrum
Send your works to:

Other 8-bit
Send your works to:

All the links at this website are fixed already.

We’re looking forward to your creativity!
Thank you!


“Quality kills”-live music by Brothers in .ATRs

Nice compos, great quizzes and everything else that makes Forever unique is still not enough for you? Well, now you have to deal with even more attractions! On Saturday night, Brothers in .ATRs, recently formed band, will rock the floor playing some pretty well known tunes from all 8bit platforms, in slightly newer and fresher versions as well as their own songs. Audience is required to have a good time, dancing is allowed!


We’re Back for FOReVER 2018

Did you think the FOReVER party is nearing the end of its long saga? WRONG! The new website design is ready and we’re looking forward to all of you, your scene works, the best computers ever and all the fun!

Forever 2018 – 8-Bit Atlantis

Since Forever 2006 till 2016, every Forever had a theme, chosen by us organizers. Last year we made an experiment: we said to the Forever visitors to write their own ideas for the topic for Forever 2017 on the backside of their votesheets. We received five suggestions from three people, and one of them we really liked. That’s why Forever 2017 was Mad Max: The 8-Bit Road.

Fast forward to 2017. Again we say, “If you have an idea for the theme for next year, please put it on the backside of your votesheet.” We received a total of 17 ideas from 15 different people. WOW!!! About 20% of the visitors took part and came up with something! If we ever needed a confirmation that the themes have their sense, now we got it.

After shortlisting seven of the suggestions according to three basic criteria (wide and interesting enough to inspire people to use the theme in the compos; existing 8-bit game content that can be used in quizzes and competitons; can be visualized well – a crazy costume for Wotnau, an idea for the poster, etc.), we had an internal voting sessions, and it is our pleasure to announce that the next Forever will be
Forever 2018 - 8-Bit Atlantis8-Bit Atlantis was suggested by PulkoMandy. Thank you, mate! We’re equally thankful to all the other creative people who came up with their suggestions.

The suggestions and their respective authors (the first 6 being the rest of our shortlist) were:
Alien(s)/Rescue in Horna Suca – from Pepax
Jet Set F*cking Willy – Ikon
Lost (8-bit) World/8-Bit Park – the votesheet wasn’t signed
Japan/Korea – Factor6
Robocop/Double Dragon – Sad
Journey to the Centre of the 8 Bits – another unsigned votesheet
Industrial Revolution – LiSU
Jack Lives Here (Tramiel) – Visáč
Bad Jokes – Bocianu
Disco Time 8bit – Bocianu
Go Binary! – Bocianu
Mad Max with Max – JTR
Wrong Side of Heaven, Righteous Side of Hell – Zoom
Rainbow Forever – CreaMD
Killer in the Dark – LCD
Pixelized – Zilogator

The official poster, new design of this web, and all the other paraphernalia will follow in due time. See you in 8-bit Atlantis!