Make Demos, Not War!


Our visitor list got hacked. Surprisingly, because this website should be too low-profile to attract hackers. An even bigger surprise was that we were hacked by (an) 8-bit scener(s).

What we’re trying to do here is organize as good a computer party for you as possible.  This website is not the goal, it just facilitates contacts among visitors and between the visitors (who, e.g., might want to know how to get to the party or join someone to share travel costs) and the organizers. We’re running it for you, not for our own pleasure.

We also believed that we were doing this party for a bunch of adults who want to enjoy their hobby, not idiots who need to wank their egos. We organize Forever in our spare time, so any time spent fixing the consequences of some jerk’s shenaningans is time spent not making Forever a better party. Please keep that in mind when you want to complain about something. Especially you Polish Atari guy(s) who made this bad joke.

We still believe that 8-bit people are nice people, so we’re not going to install new bullet-proof forms with 20 captchas and 3-step user verifications, not least because we don’t want to bother the remaining 98% of nice Forever visitors. So, as the old saying goes: make demos, not war.

Wotnau and Factor6