Put Your Postapocalyptic Hats On!

Put Your Postapocalyptic Hats On!One last week to go! Forever 2017 or “Mad Max – The 8-Bit Road” is just round the corner of the 8-bit road. (Not so) Serious lectures, (hopefully) funny quizzes, all the traditional Forever compos, and above all, all the friends you haven’t seen for a while will be there next weekend, 17-19 March 2017.

You have one week to finish your compo entries. The theme is our excuse to focus on car games for the first time in Forever’s history, plus some of the real postapo stuff. So if you’re fancying winning the Eternity prize for the best entry in the spirit of the party’s theme, think postapocalyptic or cars. Ideally, postapocalyptic cars, har har, erm, I mean rrroarrr rrroarrr. When you’re done, head to the Compos and Rules section to submit your entry to the section organizers or – even better – bring it with you to the party.

If the title of the Walking Encyclopedia of 8-Bit Gaming is covered by your crosshair, do your homework in the typical postapocalyptic genres, like shooters, racing games, and RPGs. You never know about Max (the guy’s totally mad), but Uncle Entity will sure appreciate that.

See you at the party!