The Big Thank You

I can’t help myself: here’s a little note about this year’s party. We all feel we’re getting older and many things don’t run as smoothly as eighteen years ago, when the first FOReVER party had been held. When I was visiting Trencin for the first time in 2000, I couldn’t imagine I will spend every third weekend of March around here for the following 18 years, even in a dream. Since I was asked to maintain the new (this one) website, I could barely imagine how such an organiser job works and how hard is to fit into the existing organisation team with their unwritten habits. Anyway, after the second year of my intrusion I can say I have understood the former organiser’s workflow and I can see things which were invisible for me in the past. Therefore, I must write this kinda personal article and say a big THANK YOU to all the people involved in the fluent organisation of the FOReVER party, namely pol/pht for doing a lot various operative stuff during the party, Bob!k and friends for taking over the Atari compo team and making the original Raster’s Atari presentation system happen, Wotnau/DMA and JtR/DMA/PTV for perfect MCing, thinking up new ideas ‘on the fly’ and being nice to me, TDM/H-PRG for managing the whole audio system, PulkoMandy for his huge help with filling the mute space by playing CPC demos and having cool seminars and an amazing gaming compo, PCH/Unreal and his family for ensuring the catering stand and bringing the kids to the use of the 8-bitters, mike/zt and ellvis/zt for doing amazing job on organising ZX and Other 8-bit sections, cvm/zt for providing the Eternity awards and Reekol/Crest^React for doing the graphics stuff again. Last but not least, the Polish Hacker Atari Team for hacking this stupid website (but please, don’t do it again) and consequently having so much fun at the party place. Also greetings and wishing all the best to XI/Satantronic, who successfully survived his health problem \o/. Thanks to all visitors for coming, especially those who came from the far Russia, the UK, France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Sweden (hi Sad!) etc.

Keep the demoscene spirit alive!