Resolving Conflicts the 8-Bit Way

A while ago, someone hacked Forever’s visitor list. It was meant as a joke, but we didn’t really appreciate it. Neither Factor6 nor I are skilled webmasters, so we just use whatever ready-made tools are available to us and try to focus on delivering the information to the party’s visitors. So getting hacked didn’t make us laugh but threw us off balance instead.

Factor6 fixed the visitors list, I wrote a an angry post about it, and we went on about our business.

The first surprise came when the four re-registered. They each put a “/Polish Hacker Atari Team” behind their nickname, more or less signalling, “That was us, no offense, OK?”

However, the real thing happened at the party itself. Soon after the event began, the guys approached Factor6 and me and presented us with a “Polish Hacker Atari Team” T-shirt (using the same picture I used in my post about the hack) and a “pixelated flower” made of Duplo. They glued the bricks together and told us the flower was totally unhackable.

The Flower

And this is it. THE flower.

Seeing this offer of peace, Factor6 had a long lasting fit of laughter. Mine didn’t last as long, but I wasn’t any less happy that sometimes conflicts are just misunderstandings and can be resolved in such a lovely 8-bit way.

Factor6 then wore the T-shirt, and we put the flower on the table with the beamer and all the compo HW where it spent the rest of the party. (And I just wonder whether the flower was a kind of nod to my post’s title, “Make Demos, Not War”, which found its inspiration in the flower child era.)

So, to repeat once again what we already said at the party: Koala, Bocianu, kris3d, and MarekP, thank you for that nice and funny gesture and see you next year!