Don’t Forget!

dontforget2Dear sceners, the FOReVER 017 party is about to begin in several hours. If you’re still working on your compo entry, please be sure you don’t miss the deadline, which is on this Friday, 18th at 12:00 (noon)!

If you’re coming, don’t forget your power extension cords, all cables you need, monitors and displays, computers and peripherals, diskettes/tapes/flash storage media, headphones and speakers, converters, hygiene and sleeping things, earplugs (if you need them), money for entrance fee, food at the catering, to bring something to someone or whatever else and a good mood, of course. But just don’t forget to bring YOURSELF alright! ;) We’re looking forward to you!

Note: In case you want to present something on the bigscreen and you need to connect your audio, please have your audio cable ended with male-cinch plugs (two for stereo or one for mono) or have your own appropriate adaptor with you.