Forever 2017: Mad Max – The 8-Bit Road

Votesheets with the theme suggestionsIt’s time to reveal the theme of Forever 2017! Ah, too late, it’s just been revealed by the article’s title. So let’s rather tell you all how it came into being and what it means.

We like the way Forever visitors adopt the party. So we thought, “Why not give the visitors a chance to come up with the theme for the next one?!” At Forever 2016, before the compos, we told the audience, “If you have an idea for the theme of Forever 2017, please write it on the back of your votesheet!” And voila, three votesheets indeed had a proposal:

1) “Maniac 8 Bit”

2) “Forever XVIII – Battle for Horná Súča”

3) “Mad Max / Auto Duel / 8-bit Road Warriors –> Racing Games”

Looking at them internally, we all instantly liked the last one. There’s not much Max on the bitters, but it connects to the youth of all of us. And to make the topic wider and more relevant, we added, “The 8-Bit Road.”

So, if you want to compete for the next Eternity Award, or just want to do the theme justice, you can go Max, you can go cars and racing, but as well you can go all metaphorical and take the 8-bit road as our 8-bit way of life. Basically, you can go anything that you manage to connect to the theme in a way that makes sense.

Have a great time designing your entries for next year’s Forever, and many thanks to Pepax and Brainstorm for their suggestions, and of course to TWH for finding the theme for us!