Reminder – Forever’s Specialties

Official poster - excerptFirst of all, we in the Forever org team would like to wish all of you sceners a lovely, happy, prosperous, and productive year of 2017!

And second of all, even though this year we’ll hold the eighteenth edition (“my, my, time flies!”, “oh, how much the children have grown up!”, etc.) of the party, there are several bits of the Forever lore that some of the party-cipants just can’t seem to grasp.

Let’s make a small test: if you hear “the date,” “1k,” “theme,” “Eternity,” and “Raster,” do you just nod, nod, nod, check, check? If that is so, congratulations, you’ve passed the test with flying colors; otherwise feel free to click below to get yourself enlightened with pieces of unearthly Forever wisdom!

The Date – 3rd Weekend in March

Every now and then (and honestly, it’s often rather now than then) we receive a question from the visitors, sometimes even seasoned visitors: “When is the upcoming Forever?”

It’s the same every year since year zero, I mean since year triple zero, i.e., 2000. 3rd weekend in March. That’s all you need to remember, forever. Or at least as long as Forever is there.

1k Intro Compo

As in the late 90s, especially on the Spectrum, several 4k megademos appeared, the term intro lost its sense in this context. At Forever, we still hold an intro competition, so our intro compo is 1k. See the Compos and Rules section for the exact rules for your particular platform.

So no, there’s no 4k intro compo at Forever, and we won’t ditch the 1k compo – thank you for your kind suggestions, but we’re sticking to our 1024 guns. The 1k is a feature, not a bug.

Or maybe a buggy this year.

Theme – This Time “Mad Max: The 8-Bit Road”

Since Forever (The Magnificent) Seven, every Forever has a theme. In 2017, the theme is “Mad Max: The 8-Bit Road.” The opening and the closing ceremony, as well as most of the “crazy compos,” i.e., quizzes and other competitive monkey business, are more or less styled to the theme.

Why should the theme matter to you? Well, it doesn’t have to, unless you’d like to win…

Eternity – The Main Prize

The Eternity Award is given every year to the contribution – whether it’s a demo, graphics, music, intro, realtime, or wild entry – that fits the topic and the atmosphere of the party best.

If you like the idea but are absolutely clueless about how to use the theme, stay tuned for our traditional inspi/guidelines article on how you can approach the theme. It’s gonna be published soon, like next week or so. If you stay clueless even after reading that, you can still compete for the other prize that stands above the official compo categories.

Raster(‘s) Award – for the Funniest Intelligent Contribution to the Party

The Raster Award (or Raster’s Award, the official name isn’t settled yet) goes to the author(s) of the funniest intelligent contribution to the party, to someone who can make us laugh in the same spirit as Raster had been doing until his untimely demise in 2011. It doesn’t have to be a compo entry, but it has to be creative.

And that’s it, now you know about all you need to know to successfully compete at Forever and make yourself immortal in the history of the party. See you there!