Forever Invitations by LiSU and Gemba Boys

It’s pretty common that party organizers advertise their events at other parties (any Forever regular who doesn’t take an Arok advert as a given yet?). However, I hadn’t seen a party invitation done by a visitor – until LiSU made one and presented it last weekend at the Demobit party.

EDIT: As soon as I shared this with the other organizers, I got this reply from Mike/Zero Team: “You don’t follow the ZX demo scene much, do you? Gemba Boys have been making an invi intro every year for ages.” Mike was so kind as to provide a link to this year’s invi, so I can share it with you.

Thank you, LiSU and Gemba Boys, we are honored!

You can watch LiSU’s Forever 2017 invitation here:

You can watch Gemba Boys’ Forever 2017 invitation here:

And you can download the Gemba Boys invitation for your ZX Spectrum 48k + AY from