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Jason Wotnau
(Saturday, Apr 1. 2017 10:51 PM)
Concerning the date, it’s up to Pol to confirm, so I won’t put it onto the front page, but I was around when he asked the facility manager to “book the 3rd weekend in March for us once again in 2018 as well.” So, preliminarily, 3rd weekend in March, just like every year since 2000. In this case, that’s 16 – 18 March, 2018.
(Saturday, Apr 1. 2017 10:56 PM)
Exploration, searching… submarines… how came I didn’t think about it. You are right.
(Saturday, Apr 1. 2017 10:56 PM)
come.. even.. ;-)
(Saturday, Sep 30. 2017 10:18 PM)
Hey, I just learnt today by looking at the timetable that I’ll be giving a talk at Forever ;)! … I will of course, but I think I already covered the Matra Alice last year. I think it would make sense to follow up with the Philips/Scheider/Radiola VG5000µ ( It will be maybe a little shorter than previous ones unless I can dig out interesting information. We’re getting into really obscure things.
(Sunday, Oct 1. 2017 11:42 AM)
For PulkoMandy – Sorry, fixed.

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