FOReVER party is being held in a hostel called Agrosúča in the village Horná Súča. It is situated to the north-west direction of Trenčín, west Slovakia. GPS coordinates of the place (for online maps or your car’s navigation) are: 48°57’55.6″N 17°59’14.3″E.

You can get there by several ways:


If you go through Trenčín, use road nr. 507 direction Nemšová. Few meters after the railroad underpass turn LEFT (road nr. 507023, direction Hrabovka). At the end of Hrabovka (under the hill on a ‘T’ crossing) turn LEFT (road nr. 507024, direction D. Súča/H. Súča). Pass through Dolná Súča and keep on driving until you reach Horná Súča. Watch the first crossing and turn LEFT again (road nr. 050259, direction Dúbrava). Drive about 200 meters. After a slight left curve and 90-degree right curve you reach the party place building on your left hand.

If you go from the Czech Republic direction, use road nr. 50/E50 through Starý Hrozenkov border crossing. 4 kilometers after CZ/SK border crossing there’s a small crossing. Turn LEFT (road nr. 050259, direction Dúbrava and H. Súča). Keep on driving through Dúbrava and pass it. Once you enter Horná Súča, drive on until you reach a sharp 45-degree left curve. Right at its start you’ll find the party place building (on your right hand).


There are buses from Trenčín going to Horná Súča, running by the SAD Trenčín a.s. company. The bus station called Trenčín Hlavná Stanica is located right by the main railway station. To find a bus connection, please visit, choose your language version at the right bottom of the page (English, German or Slovak), switch to Buses and enter From: Trencin,,, To: Horna Suca,,mlyn, adjust current date and click Search button (this is not a mistake, you have to enter all the commas, as above). Or simply use this link and just change the date.

Note: In Trenčín, the bus starts at the platform number 8. Tickets are being sold by a driver in the bus. It’s important to state the destination station “Horna Suca – mlyn” when buying a bus ticket, because this is the closest bus stop to the party place! Keep watching your bus cruise and be ready not to miss this bus stop! If you’d need, here’s a simple map.