Atari 8-bit Compos

Rules and Guidelines

general guidelines

The works should be described in a text file. The file must contain:

  • the name of the competitions
  • the name of the work
  • the name of the author(s)
  • the contact address

All works must be first presented at the current FOReVER party.

You don’t need to be present at the party to take part in the compos, but if you win and you’re not at the party place (or don’t have a friend there to accept it on your behalf), you will not receive the prize.

All of the works will become freeware at the moment of submission to the competitions.

All competitions will be run on this hardware: Atari 130XE, 1024+64kB RAM, SDrive, Stereo, Atari XF 551 (SD, MD, DD, DS/DD – 320 KB/disk), Atari OS, OS QMEG 3, OS QMEG 3.8, OS QMEG 4.04, MD DOS (memlo:$1859).

NOTE: Works that use VBXE will be moved to the Wild Competition. We don’t own the hardware so bring your own VBXE’d Atari or provide us a video.

MUSIC compo

the time of the work (composition) can not exceed 3 minutes.

  • the module must be in one of the formats listed below.
  • no visible sign of the author. We recommend to use the obligatory “PRESS SHIFT” trick for self-executable files if you want to include your name in the work.
  • it is allowed to use others authors’ instruments or „samples“, but you should declare that.
  • allowed formats: self running or MPT (without samples), CMC, TMC (4 or 8 channels) – we will use Mega Player to play them.
  • just 1 work per 1 musician


  • formats: self running or APC, CIN, GED, GR8, GR9, HIP, INT, MIC (PIC), PI1, PI3 – we use Mega Player for exhibit, RIP, TIP – we use Visage 2.6 to display them.
  • the presented work can contain any names, symbols or pseudonyms which could identify the authors.
  • it is forbidden to redraw other works. All the graphics must be performed on Atari. No scans, converting from other platforms!
  • max. 2 works per 1 gfx maker.

1K Intro compo

  • length of intro is max. 1024 bytes.
  • intro may be packed.
  • intro may contain sound.
  • intro must start from DOS, but doesn’t need to come back to DOS at the end.
  • intro can be part of a demo only if that demo is also presented at the party.

Demo compo

  • demo must be run from DOS (memlo max. $2000) or self running (BOOTable disc).
  • there is allowed to use extended memory up to 1024 kB, so you can run up to 1088 kB.
  • demo must run till the end by itself, without any need of an external input/assistance.

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