Commodore 64 Compos

Rules and Guidelines

general guidelines

You don’t need to be present at the party to take part in the compos, but if you win and you’re not at the party place (or don’t have a friend there to accept it on your behalf), you will not receive the prize.

MUSIC compo

  • compo is anonymous – no author name/nick is shown on the bigscreen
  • only for SID chip C=64
  • 1 tune per 1 composer
  • samples are accepted, sampled tunes without original input from the composer are not allowed
  • must be executable
  • playtime up to 3:oo minutes (up 15 entries)
  • state the SID version (old 6581 or new 8580)


  • any graphic mode
  • must be executable
  • your own work
  • wiring (software conversion) of images which originally weren’t made for the C=64 is not encouraged
  • in case of doubts we reserve the right ask you to provide either stages, or description of the creative process used

1K Intro compo

  • length of the intro file is max. 1024 bytes
  • intro must be executable
  • intro may contain sound (SID)

C64 demo

  • for Commodore 64 + disk drive 1541-II

>> Submit your Commodore 64 compo entries to c64(at) <<