Other 8-bit Compos

Rules and Guidelines

general guidelines

This compo is dedicated to all other 8-bit platforms excluding Atari, Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum. It applies to Amstrad CPC, Thomson, PMD-85, MSX, ZX81, Sam Coupé, all non-C=64 8-bit Commodores or any other 8-bit system.


Add a simple .txt file with some information about your work(s), such as compo name, work name, who made it, your contact address. You can also write there some additional information if you want. All compo entries must be first presented at the current FOReVER party. You don’t need to be present at the party to take part in the compos, but if you win and you’re not at the party place (or don’t have a friend there to accept it on your behalf), you will not receive the prize.

music compo

  • compo is anonymous – no author name/nick is shown on the bigscreen
  • it’s a chip tunes competition, not sampletracks
  • compile your music with a player and send us info how to play it
  • only the first ten musics (in order of submission time) will be accepted into the compo
  • if you are not sure whether your music complies with the rules, send it anyway with a description in e-mail
  • 1 music per 1 musician

graphics compo

  • you can use any graphics mode or mix of modes
  • send your picture as a self-executable program

1k intro compo

  • length of the intro is max 1024 bytes, excluding Basic loader
  • loader mustn’t change memory or system settings (loader JUST loads and runs the code)
  • intro may be packed
  • intro must be self running
  • intro may contain sound
  • it’s a good idea to send it in a common virtual disk or emulator format (.dsk for CPC/Sam Coupé/Sharp MZ, .d64 for Plus/4, .ptp for PMD-85, .p for ZX81, etc.)
  • intro can be part of a demo only if that demo is also presented at the party

demo compo

  • demo must be self running and first presented at the current FOReVER party
  • it’s a good idea to send it in a common virtual disk or emulator format (.dsk for CPC/Sam Coupé/Sharp MZ/MSX, .d64 for Plus/4, .ptp for PMD-85, .p for ZX81, etc.)


Bring your own system! We only have Amstrad CPC 6128 (CRTC type 1, not Plus version!) and a Sam Coupé 512kB. If there’s no real machine at the party place, the production won’t be shown. Try to use as few animations as possible – do a demo/intro, not a slideshow. We will give you 6 months to make public release of your work after the party if you ask for it. Then we will release all party works for the public (if you don’t ask for it, we will release your works right after the party).

>> Submit your Other 8-Bit compo entries to other (at) forever-party.net <<