Wild and Realtime Compos

WILD competitionkrivka

Your entry should be original and entertaining. It can be anything you can imagine, but you should be able to present it, so either bring all the necessary hardware needed for your presentation, or make a video of your production.

    • any machine (incl. 21st century computers)
    • any additional hardware
    • better make a video of your production
    • we reserve the right not to show your entry if we find it unpresentable

You can submit your Wild Compo entry at the party place on your own media. The deadline Friday 12:00 pm doesn’t apply for this type of submit. If you can’t be at the party, you can also send it as a remote entry to one of the organizers, but please respect the deadline term of Friday, 12:00 pm. In that case, if your entry is a big file (e.g. a video), please provide a download link of your entry to the organisers before the deadline.

REALTIME competition

The Realtime Competition Theme will be announced at the party place during the Opening Ceremony. Your entry must follow the theme and/or any rules we choose to set to make sure you do all the work at the party place.