Opening and Prizegiving Videos

Here are videos of the opening ceremony and prize giving ceremony. The prize giving ceremony videos have been cut due to a camera 20 minutes recording limitation. We still hope you may enjoy the atmosphere at least a little.

Results (incomplete)

Dear sceners, you can find the incomplete results in the Results menu. I still wait for full C64 and Atari results as well as the Realtime Compo results. The page will be updated when I receive these data. The downloads will be available later.

Loading Results – Please Wait

Everyone’s waiting for the final results. The prizegiving ceremony should start today, at 10:00 am. We’ll try our best to publish the results as soon as possible, but it depends on certain people how soon they’ll be able to provide them. Party entries downlads should be available later today or during next week. Meanwhlile, you can look at the compo machines desk from yesterday’s compos.


Compos Over

You can look forward to some really great stuff! Stay tuned, after the prizegivin ceremony on Sunday morning we’ll try to put here the results as soon as possible.

Compos About to Begin

FullSizeRender(2)FullSizeRender(1)After PulkoMandy’s Thomson talk we had a game contest in a RUN”CPC game and then watched a STEREOinSID presentation by Thunder.Bird. After that the organizers started to collect the entrance fee and the final event of the party, the compos, are about to begin in 15:00.